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Consejos para el síndrome de estrés premenstrual Premenstrual Syndrome De Stress Conseils

Premenstrual Stress Syndrome Tips

Premenstrual Stress Syndrome (PMS, also called Premenstrual Stress, Premenstrual Tension,Premenstrual Stress Syndrome PMT, Premenstrual Syndrome,Perodic Mood Swing) is stress which is a physical symptom prior to the onset of menstruation.

PMS is not dysmenorrhea (increasingly painful periods), in spite of the two conditions being commonly confused in usage. PMS occurs prior to the onset of menstrual bleeding, while dysmenorrha occurs during the period of bleeding.

PMS is exceedingly common, occurring in 75% of women of reproductive age during their lifetime. A more severe form of PMS is premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). This occurs in about 5% of women. Both are characterized by symptoms of mood swings, depression, anxiety and irritability that occur prior to menses, usually in the two week period between ovulation and menses. It is often accompanied by physical symptoms of abdominal bloating and cramping.

Last Updated - 6th January 2006

Many women have mild symptoms related to menstruation, such as cramps and mild breast tenderness.  These are considered normal.  A diagnosis of premenstrual syndrom (PMS) are symptoms that occur during the two weeks before a woman's period begins that are severe enough to disrupt her life.  PMS occurs most often in women in their 20s and 30s and about 40 percent of women are affected at some time in their lives.

Symptoms (vary greatly from woman to woman)

If you suspect that you have PMS, it is wise to keep a menstrual diary of your symptoms, the severity of symptoms, dates when symptoms occur and days you have your period.  If symptoms consistently occur before your period end shorthly thereafter, you may want to follow home treatment recommendations.  Making small changes significantly improves PMS symptoms.

Home Treatment

When To Call A Physician

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