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Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy TipsHow Beautiful nature is: The conception of a baby and giving birth to a new life is such a miracle! An exhilarating experience, unique only to the mother-to-be! An opening of a whole new exciting world! From the time a baby is conceived till she is born, hundreds of questions pass through your mind. They cause fear and anxiety, and sometimes overshadow the joys you are entitled during the precious period of pregnancy.

Like every big event in one's life - school, career, marriage, etc., pregnancy and childbirth too require careful attention, preparation and planning.

Here we provide adequate guidance to deepen your understanding and help you have a healthy pregnancyand a healthy baby.

Last Updated - 21st September 2005

Eating Right

You are what you eat. And so is your unborn baby! A well balanced diet is important in life and more so when you are pregnant. For what you eat has to meet your as well as your baby's requirements. The most important factor of your baby's nutritionis adequate intake of these essential nutrients by you:

Food Type

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Posture Care

Good posture is essential for your health and well being. Proper posture helps -

These Guidelines are meant to reduce the strain on your body and make you more comfortable. The two basic precautions you should take -

Monthly Tips

First Month -

Second Month -

Third Month -

Fourth Month -

Fifth Month -

Sixth Month -

Seventh Month -

Eighth Month -

Ninth Month -

Tenth Month -

The Post - Natal

Pregnancy and birth traumatize your body in more ways than you think of. The abdominal, uterine, back and pelvic muscles are all subjected to a lot of stress. Post Natal exercises are therefore important to get the body back to its normal.

Tips for the Father To Be

A very important anchor in a woman's pregnancy is her husband - the Father To Be.

How You can Help

Disclaimer: The Pregnancy Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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