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Telephone Tips

Telephone is very important part of our professional and family life.  It is almost Phoneimpossible to proceed in life without a telephone today.  In modern world a person spends a great deal of time talking to others on telephone.  It is the easiest and the best medium of communication between two people.  Sitting in the comforts of your home or office you can talk to any body anywhere in the world. 

There are business dealings, personal communication or romantic/friendly chitchat. Modern craze for flashy mobile phones is certainly helping us to communicate instantly and to any place in the world although its nuisance value is unbeatable. Giving us one joy phones have snatched many too - most common of them is a daily dose of restlessness - leading us to several nervous and physical ailments. 

Last Updated - 16th November 2005

You definitely need to know something to use this little chat-box effectively - maximising its benefits and minimizing the negatives:-

Plan Your Communication

Mostly our phone conversation is unplanned, and sometimes awkward.  We even waste a large amount of our precious time which can be used in enhancing other skills, better business planning or creative activities. Other people also eat up our time with long or useless calls. Now it is time to bring some discipline in your phone handling.

Where to Keep the Ring Tones Off

Mobiles ring (with crazy ring tones) any time anywhere without regard to the occasion.  They disturb the classes, spoil mood in a movie theater, annoyingly pull you out of sleep (sometimes just to know that it was a wrong call), and cause embarrassment at peace, religious or consolation meetings. At such placed keep the ringer off and vibration mode on.

Let Others Attend It

If you are managing an office and have employees never attend the calls.  Delegate this duty to a wise receptionist who can handle many calls herself and censor the unnecessary (or wrong ones). Instruct her to be very polite and cooperative.  A bad receptionist can damage your business interests immensely.

Be Direct And Short

If you are calling someone tell your name and purpose immediately. It will save time and the communication can be to the point. Keep your sentences direct and short.

Don't Ask to Hold for Long

Try your best not to make others hold the call for long - everybody dislikes it. If the customers are not attended quickly they start hating the company.

When Angry, Never Call
Never call anybody or any company whenever you are angry or impatient.  You just tarnish your own image. Moreover such an attitude creates a communication gap and that can't solve any problem. Be friendly, cool and tactful while attending or making a call.
Smile breaks the binderies

In companies only smiling people should be allowed to make or attend a call.  A smile always passes through your words and the network to another person and prepares a ground for a better communication. 

Cut down your Gossip

People love to express themselves on their phones.  But is very bad for a person who is career conscious. But instead of curtailing the expression keep it compact.  It will save time, energy and money that can be utilised on other valuable activities. 
Switch off Mobiles when Sleeping

Switch off your mobile while sleeping. Otherwise you won't be able to have a Good Sleep.  People must know what is the right time to call you. In case there is an emergency call it can be passed through your landline that can also be attended by other family members.

Never Flash it

Don't flash your mobile like teenagers flash their cute girl friends. Keep it in your pocket or in your table drawer. Flashing a mobile always lowers the power of your image. 

Disclaimer: The Phone Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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