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Chasseur De Tetes Conseils Mieux s'Organiser Pour La Reussite Conseils

Tips To Organise Yourself Better for Success

Lack of organisation fails most of people in life, more often at critical junctures. If you are well-organised the tide of a problem can push you to a new opportunity instead of a failure.  Like a master chess player you are able to organise your steps in life in such a way that can lead you to success. A disorganised person is mostly an unlucky person whatver the field may be.  Here are some tips to organise yourself and succeed at everything you touch:-

Last Updated - 1st January 2006

Analyse Your Steps

All successful people have a habit of organising their work. You must spare at least one hour every month to examine your progress in life. Answer these questions:

Without habit of introspection you may lose track in your life. 

Manage Your Time

Time Management is as crucial to your victory as oxygen to your life. The more you waste it the more you move away from success. While observing any successful or rising person you will come to know how they are able to achieve what they plan. Their days, hours and even minutes are devoted to a certain task.  They use their time like hard-earned money. Wasting it means inviting a miserable future. So the better you use your time the more money or success you get in life. Divide your time in blocks - hours and minutes. A time block means a group of hours or minutes. Time blocks are formed when you do certain tasks at fixed times – sleeping, bathing, eating, exercise, getting ready, service (where you are asked to do work). 

Prepare a 'To Do' List Daily

As soon as you reach your working place  prepare a ‘To Do’ list – it is a list of the tasks you have to do that day.  Allot time and approximate period for a certain task. Try your best to complete maximum  tasks in a day. If you are unable to complete several tasks on that day, do those tasks the next day. You must try your best to stick to your daily ‘To Do’ list otherwise you may not be able to achieve your goals in life. 

Don't Go After Your Moods

A person who is a mere slave of his/her moods is worse than an animal. Without discipline it is impossible to meet deadlines or work efficiently for months or years. People who want to do everything according to their mood bring total disorganisation in their life. It becomes very difficult for such people to get success. Like teenagers now and then we may do certain tasks according to mood to get some fun but most of the time we need strict discipline to move faster towards our aim.

Avoid the Time Killers

To succeed in life it is necessary to cut down the time killers.  Don’t read unsolicited mail/SMS. Attend only important telephone calls. Rest can be handled by your secretary or office assistant. Avoid gossiping. TV has become the biggest time and career killer now-a-days. Majority of the people like to glue to their TV sets whenever they find time. If you really want to do something in life then keep the monster of TV out of your room. You may use TV in case you need any important information, but never for fun or killing time.

Organise your money

Most of the financial crises in life arise due to a person’s lack of interest in organising money. Financial flow is the backbone of any commercial or non-commercial activity in our life. Neither we nor our business can survive happily if it is disturbed. Therefore every person must spare some time everyday to organise his/her finances. Actually a good financial management can make you a winner in life. 

If you don’t have right information of your financial flow it may land you in trouble any time. If you watch the inflow and outflow of your cash carefully you can learn to regulate it properly. If you can’t keep the records then employ someone who can do it for you. Always spend less then your income. Avoid taking loan for luxury items. Do develop a habit of saving some money every day, even if it is $.10 only. 

Disclaimer: The Tips to Organise Yourself Better for Success / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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