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Meeting Tips

Meeting is a characteristic of human civilization, an age-long universal activity in which every Meetinghuman being participates. Whether on a village square in a remote village or in a board-room in an ultra modern office building, you have found, or will soon find, yourself involved in a meeting.

Yet a good number of us who participate in meetings, and even get elected as officers, with the responsibility of organizing and conducting meetings, are ignorant of important meeting terms, meeting procedures and practices. In fact, the fear of the embarrassing problem that may result from the lack of knowledge in correct meeting procedures has literally stopped many from taking on roles or positions on decision-making bodies.

This article is prepared to equip you with the essential knowledge about modern meeting procedures and practices, knowledge which will prepare you for the next meeting you will be taking part in, enable you to make a contribution to various organizations and decision-making bodies, and help you to make a success of your post as a chairman or secretary of your organization.

Last Updated - 8th December 2005

Meeting Tips

As a member of the civilized human society, where regular meeting is an essential practice, you need to be familiar with meeting practices and procedures, otherwise you may be compelled to remain dumb during an important meeting, or worse still, bungle things if you are voted into a position - like the Chairman's or Secretary's - where the success of the meeting depend on your knowledge of meeting practices and procedures.

What Meeting Is?

Meeting is an act or process of coming together as an assembly for common purpose. It is a gathering of people for discussion or another purpose.

Meetings take place when groups of people gather to discuss, and try to resolve matters which are of a reciprocal concern. Issues are discussed and debated, recommendations are made, directions are given and courses of action are decided.

Types of Meetings

Validity of a Meeting

For the business of a meeting to be held valid and binding, certain common law requirements must be fulfilled.

The Meeting Structure

For a meeting to effectively achieve its goals, a structure needs to be in place. If a meeting has little or no structure, it will not produce the desired results.

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Meeting Procedures

What Can You Do As a Participant in a Meeting?

To be an active and effective participant of a meeting, you must:

Disclaimer: The Meeting Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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