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Estrategias de instrucción Consejos Strategies Pedagogiques Conseils

Instructional Strategies Tips

Functional education remains the real instrument and strength of positive change for sustainable Instructional Strategieshuman development. Education and training are often recognized as the prerequisites for quality manpower development and wealth creation.

As the realization of this facts dawn more and more on the people of the world, desire for sound education and up-to-date knowledge acquisition increase, necessitating the need for many more people as teachers and instructors who have never participated in a teacher’s training course.

This article will help you to improve your instructional skill, whether as an on-the-job trainer, classroom teacher or out-of-class instructor.

Last Updated -12th December 2005


Instructing others is not the sole responsibility of professional teachers. Many, all over the world, who have never studied pedagogy, have the responsibility of teaching others placed on them. If you are one of them, you must gain the knowledge of strategies used in instructing others, to make a success of your teaching assignments.

Instructional Strategies

When we talk of ‘instructional strategies’, what we mean, simply, is ‘a plan of organized thoughtful actions that involve sound employment of effective teaching methods and meaningful coordination of available resources to achieve the desired objectives of teaching.’

Choice of teaching methods

An instructor must understand the criteria or factors which constitute the principles underlying the choice of teaching methods.

A teaching method may be good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate, attractive or unattractive, depending on whether the principles are taken into consideration at the planning and presentation stage.

Classification Of Instructional Strategies

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Instructional Strategies

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