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Home Buying Tips

Buying a house is not a child's play even if you have money.  You have to pass through a lot before thereHome Buying is a satisfactory deal.  It is easier to do business than to buy a house according to your requirement. A common man doesn't even know where to buy a house, from whom to buy or how to arrange extra funds. Here are some valuable tips to make your way somewhat smooth:

Last Updated - 1st December 2005

Understand the Truth - Before you decide to buy a house it is essential that you know the bitter truth.  The whole procedure is extremely cumbersome and going to give you many sleepless nights. If you are one of those few lucky ones you could land a fine deal due. But, in reality, don't expect it and be ready to face the acid test of your stamina. You definitely have to spare time to explore the sources.

Talk to Friends and Relatives - The best way to smoothen your way is to talk to friends and relatives about your requirements. Many people hide everything till they get the final deal and give a surprise to others. Extract maximum information from them regarding every aspect of properly buying.  It will certainly help you a lot.

Meet Some Property Brokers to Gain Knowledge - They are an important source to know the ins and outs of the properties. Yes, they are all sugar when you are at their office for a deal and they may hook you for their profits. The best method is to talk to half a dozen property brokers in the beginning just to have knowledge. Take a pledge that you will just talk and gain knowledge without finalising any deal even if it is good. The strategy will help you to gain composure and hit a good deal at the right time.

Pick up Newspapers - Open property columns of newspapers and look for the options. Pick up your phone and call to get first-hand knowledge from various dealers of different localities. You will know about the rates and the types of property available in a particular area.

What do the Banks Say - Visit some banks to know about their terms of sanctioning a property loan. Don't go after their sweet sales talks.  Just get knowledge about their procedures and their requirements -

Remember, most of the banks just show you the chocolates they have to offer not the bitter pills they throw on you later. So be cautious know as much as you can. 

Need of a Bank - You may be having some hard-earned money to invest in property.  Never use all of it in a property deal. Take a loan from a bank or financial institution. Property loan rates of banks are often low therefore do take a loan and invest the excess money you have in shares or business. As banks also verify the property before sanctioning loan-amount it will be helpful to get a safe property. After loan agreement with a bank you will know how much should be spent to buy your dream house.

Other Sources - If you want to save interest then be free from your hesitation and borrow as much interest-free money as you can from your friends and relatives.

How to Verify the Papers - When you take a loan from a bank it will verify the property papers.  Still you must take the help of experienced friends or an advocate to verify the papers. What is to be verified?

Take Someone to Accompany You - It is better to ask an experienced friend or relative to always accompany you so that you don't make a mistake.

Is It Necessary to Visit a Police Station? - Check with the nearest police station that the property you are buying is not having any dispute and the owner has no criminal record.

What is the Actual Price - Ask from several property brokers, acquaintances in the area about the rate of the property.  Also ask the people residing nearby. You may get some helpful tips from them.

Bargaining - Keep a large bundle of notes with you to show the owner at bargaining table. It will lure the owner more when you highlight a few negative points of the property. Try to convince the owner that you are giving more than necessary. If you know that the actual price of a property is ten million start bargaining from 8 and try your best to finalise the deal at 9 million. 

Disclaimer: The Home Buying Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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