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Tips To Enjoy Good Health

Healthy, sound, wholesome, hale, robust, well, hardy, vigorous. These Good Healthadjectives mean being in or indicative of good physical or mental health. To Attain Good health you need to discipline your self or visit the Doctor.....

Doctors can only prescribe medicines which also have side-effects.  Here are some great tips which will help you to be physically fit and mentally quick..

Last Updated - 22nd November 2005

Do Exercise Daily

The best tonic for physical fitness is taking exercise. Regular exercise improves the efficiency of heart and other body parts and we live longer. Without a daily dose of exercise your body becomes weak and lazy.  Its wall of immune system becomes weak. Studies show that regular exercise reduces the risk of death due to heart trouble and stroke, prevents diabetes, hypertension, arthritis,  and some forms of cancer, strengthens our bones and immune function. Playing outdoor games is also a good exercise.

Control Weight

Obesity is one of the most common diseases of modern world. Overweight people are always at the risk of getting diseases. Regular exercise is the best method to control weight.  You also need to change your dietary habits.  Use less oil and butter. Take more vegetarian diet like fresh fruits and vegetables. Many clinics or organisations sell quick weight loss programmes or equipments.  They are meant to extract money from you. Never go to them without consulting your doctor. 

Keep Your Stomach Light

Today if you fill your stomach with all sorts of unhealthy things just because of taste, tomorrow you will get dangerous diseases and repent.  So it is better to discipline your dietary habits and keep your stomach light. Always eat less then your hunger.  Modern research has also proved that if you starve yourself a little it prolongs our life-span.

Water Is Better
Fresh water should be the best cold drink for you. Keep away from sweetened cold drinks.  Many tests have proved that most of the cold drinks contain caffeine and pesticides. You become addicted to them and spoil your health. And alcoholic drinks not only rob you out of your wealth, family peace and health but also drag you to early death.
Break The Shell Of Tension

It is necessary to keep your mind relaxed and positive to maintain a good health.  To relax, solve the problem, pursue a hobby, go for travelling (out of your city) at least once a year, listen to music, talk to your intimate friends.


Adopt the habit of doing meditation.  It is also becoming a fashion in the high society - and it is a good trend.  Meditation twice a day helps you to save on madical bills. You not only get a better body but a peaceful mind too. 

Hard Work Is Like Nector

We must learn to work very hard in life.  Various emotions in varied degrees rise in our mind all the time.  Hard work never harms anyone in life but laziness does kill many. They need to be utilised to keep our mind and body in tune.  Therefore we need to work hard to achieve our goals or to fulfil our wishes.  It will streamline the functioning of our body and mind, and improves the immune system of your body.
Empower Your Mind

Our mind can not only help us to become successful in life but also heal our body. Faith in the healing powers of our mind is also necessary to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Heart-break, disappointments, negative thinking and crushing tension break the wall of our immune system reducing its defence or healing power.

Use Love Medicine

In his book ‘Love Medicine and Miracles’ Dr. Bernie Seigal declared that hope is the main ingredient in fighting cancer.  The hopeful individual appears to be most resistant to cancer or any other serious disease. Love your family and other people.  In return you will get their love which will make you emotionally strong and healthy.

Have Fun

Having fun is a good method of relaxing and strengthening the healing power of your body and mind.  Every person has his or her own method of fun.  Many people pursue some hobbies and enjoy them.  There can be various ways of having fun like,  playing games, watching TV or  movies, talking to children, listening to music, travelling, sitting in the garden,  romancing near a lake, etc.  Choose the fun you like and forget everything for some time.

Disclaimer: The Good Health Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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