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Gemstones Buying Tips

Prized for centuries for their beauty, and often used as currency, gemstones hold ageless Gemstones Buying Tipsappeal. Modern treating techniques enhance their look and improve their durability.

Whatever your favorites - rubies, sapphires, emeralds or others - find a good jeweler to buy from. Shopping for gemstones and gemstone jewelry can be confusing. Prices are sometimes very different for jewelry that appears to be very similar. Some of the statements in ads are confusing, too, because gemstones are called natural, genuine, synthetic, simulated, treated or a combination of those terms.
It's important for any shopper to understand gemstone terms before buying any type of gemstone jewelry.

Last Updated - 6th October 2005

What Are Natural Gemstones?
Gems brought to us courtesy of nature, with no interference from humans. By the time they appear in our jewelry they've been cut or polished, but they've not been treated or altered in other ways.

What Are Genuine Gemstones?
Natural gemstones are genuine gems. So are other stones created by nature, even the gems that have been treated to enhance their appearance. They're "real," even if they've been altered in some way.

Not All Natural or Genuine Gemstones are Valuable
Don't be fooled into thinking that all natural or genuine gemstones are desirable or valuable. Small to large stones of poor quality are common and often considered mining castaways. Get the facts about a specific gem before you pay a premium price for it.

Gemstone and Jewelry Pricing
Like any other industry, supply and demand drives gemstone prices up and down.

E.g.. Natural rubies of high quality are rare and demand for them is always high.

Similarly colored red garnets are gorgeous, but they aren't rare. A flawless natural garnet costs a great deal less than a ruby of similar quality.

How Synthetic Gemstones Differ
A synthetic gemstone shares a natural stone's physical, chemical and optical qualities. The difference? Synthetics are created in a laboratory. It's kind of like making a high tech batch of cookies—we know the ingredients and we know how long to cook them.

There are synthetic versions of nearly all popular gemstones and many of them have been around for a long time. Older synthetics were fairly simple for gemologists to detect—they were often too perfect. Some modern synthetic gemstones are more difficult to identify, but an experienced jeweler or gemologist can usually help.

Smart Shopping

Disclaimer: The Gemstones Buying Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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