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Dating Tips

Dating or Courtship is a way of life for people and specially Dating Tipsadolescents. Getting a Good date is important and their are a few rules that have to be followed.

Here's everything you need to know to make a great first impression and improve your chances of landing a Good Date.

Last Updated -1st October 2005

Make a Backup Plan
The weather can change quickly, restaurants can close for renovations, and your tickets can turn out to be counterfeit. Have a backup plan in mind in case your date takes an unexpected turn.

Plan a Short Date
No need to map out the rest of your lives together. Start with a simple, 1-2 hour date. If things go well, you can always extend the date. However, there's nothing worse than being on an all-day tour when you realized five minutes into the date that you have no future together.

Be Punctual
There's no greater sign of disrespect than being late for your first date. Get directions to your location, arrive early, and show your date that you care about him or her and the plans you made.

Agree on the Dress Code
When planning the date, talk about the dress code for the particular event. It can be embarrassing if one person shows up in a suit while the other wears jeans and a sweatshirt.

Compliment, But Don't Over Do It
A few nice words makes everyone feel special, but persistent comments about the other person's looks, personality, body, etc., gets old and can seem desperate.

Drink Responsibly
A few drinks may take the pressure off the date, but don't pretend you're at a fraternity party. Drinking too much will likely bring out some bad sides to your personality and that can't help your chances.

Balance Talking and Listening
Pay attention to the amount of time you spend talking versus listening. If the scale is weighing in either direction, look to balance it out.

What to wear on a first date?

Show your romantic side
Head-to-toe ruffles aren't necessary; a hint of femininity is. Pair soft tops with structured pants or skirts; long, flowing skirts with a simple top. Pink is the ultimate romantic color (and it just happens to look great on everyone).

Skip the sleaze
Dressing like Lil' Kim on the first date may get his attention, but it won't hold his affection for long. Instead try peekaboo styles that do keep something to the imagination: crocheted sweaters, sheer tops over a tank, slit skirts.

Be comfortable
No need to hold your breath in tight jeans: opt for something with a bit of stretch if figure-hugging styles are your thing. And stilettos may look sexy, but your dogs will be barking in minutes if you go with too-high heels. Try leg-lengthening wedges instead or a sandal that laces at the ankle for added foot appeal.

Reveal the real you
Whether it's your lucky charm bracelet or a groovy pin, let the real you shine through with well-thought-out pieces or accessories.

Simple ways to reveal bits of your personality:

Things that you must not to do on a first date .

Disclaimer: The Dating Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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