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Consejos de comunicación Communication Conseils

Communication Tips

Communication is essential for normal relationship, meaningful interaction and successfulcommunication dealings among people of the world. So important is the ability to communicate that the man who is a master over the art of effective communication enjoys a great advantage in the competitive world over the other man who has not learnt to communicate effectively.

Communication as a human activity dates as far back as the time when the first two human beings appeared on earth.

Speech, signs, body gestures and facial expressions have been used as means of communications from the beginning. As the human society progresses up the ladder of modernization, the volume of communicated messages grow in complexity and the means or channels of communication grow in sophistication.

Communication is, today, a very important field of the social sciences. The processes, tools and media of communication are as vast as there are human actions.

Last Updated - 6th November 2005

What is Communication?

Communication simply refers to the sharing of thoughts, feelings, wishes or information between two or more people, using sounds, signs or symbols. It includes the procedures whereby one mind may affect another.

Communication is a process of information exchange between a source and destination, through a channel or medium. It is the process through which we impact or transmit message from one party to the other.

Forms of Communication

Communication may take two forms: verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

Components of Communication

Barriers to Effective Communication

How to Communicate Effectively

Disclaimer: The Communication Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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