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Chitika eMini Malls Tips

Chitika is the industry's leading impulse merchandising company. Chitika eMiniMalls Chitika was founded in May 2003 and is based in Massachusetts. Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side solutions.

Chitika's flagship service, eMiniMalls, is the industry's first impulse product merchandising service. Based on a proprietary patent-pending product merchandising platform, the eMiniMalls service brings a robust comparative shopping engine to web publishers - all packaged in a slick interactive user interface

Last Updated - 8th November 2005

Chitika eMiniMalls Tips

A Guide to Getting increasing your income from Chitika’s eMiniMall Advertising program.

Chitika eMiniMall Sign up Process

Signing Up for Chitika eMiniMalls is pretty easy to do. Simply visit their sign up page and fill in your details. You could use the above Chitika Image to go to thier site. Keep in mind their terms and conditions of being a publisher which exclude certain types of sites. When you send in your application you will normally hear back from Chitika with a response within 24 hours (time seems to depend upon what time you apply and whether it is business hours in their part of the US.

Keep in mind that in signing up you are being bound to their terms and conditions that include non-disclosure of some of your earnings information (eg CTR, click values etc).

Lastly keep in mind that if your site’s readership is mainly from Asian countries that unfortunately due to a lack of Asian merchants and low conversions Chitika does not pay out for all Asian countries and the ‘auditing’ process could decrease your earnings considerably.

What sites are Chitika eMiniMalls Best on?

Chitika seems to work best on sites that are focused upon products. Many gadget sites have signed up for eMiniMalls already but by no means are their ads limited to consumer electronics. Relevant ads are served up on a variety of sites including some focussing upon clothes, baby strollers, washing machines, jewellery and other fashion items. They seem to have a large supply of ads for most of the products you’ll find on sites like Amazon and (which is thousands of products).

Product related sites are not the only ones reporting good returns from eMiniMalls though, Personal and general topic blogs and sites that are reporting better than normal earnings with eMiniMalls in comparison to other ad networks that they use.

Using Chitika eMiniMalls With Adsense

This was initially of major concern a number of us when we first came across eMiniMalls. The response from Adsense Team was that it was allowable from the perspective of Adsense to use Chitika eMiniMalls on the same page as Adsense in the following circumstances (this is also true with YPN):

1. eMiniMalls must be made to be NON-contexual
2. eMiniMalls must have their ’search tab’ disabled IF you choose to use the Adsense Search option

This was great news as it added another revenue stream to the sites of many without compromising another important source of income like Adsense.

Chitika has another ad system, called RealContext, that is NOT allowed to be used in conjunction with Adsense - don’t get them mixed up.

It is worth noting that different webmasters and bloggers have seen difference results from using Adsense and Chitika’s eMiniMalls on the one page. These results have included:

Some bloggers have reported small decreases in their Adsense earnings.A smaller number of bloggers have noticed increases in their Adsense earnings when they replaced one of multiple Adsense Ad units with a eMiniMall unit. This sounds crazy - bit it makes sense when you realise that sometimes less Adsense Ad units on a page can result in increase click values for some ads.

Some have found eMiniMalls to be so well suited to their site’s that they’ve removed Adsense altogether and are just running the Chitika ads.

How to Run Adsense and Chitika eMiniMalls on the same page

So how does one ‘make eMiniMalls non contextual’ and thereby able to be run on the same page as Adsense?

Default Code

Chitika have just made this extremely easy - in fact they’ve made it so easy you don’t have to do anything different at all because they’ve changed the default of their ads to be ‘non contextual’. So when you log in and click the ‘Get eMiniMalls Code’ link and design your ads they’ll supply you with the code that makes using eMiniMalls work with Adsense without you having to mess around with adding code.

The all important code in what they give you is:

ch_non_contextual = 1;

If you’ve previously inserted code into your site it might be worth checking its in it or else your ads will be contextual.

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Targeting Keywords - Rotation

So the question many will now no doubt ask is ‘if the ads are non contexual - what determines what ads will now be served?’

If you look at the code that Chitika give you you’ll notice a line of code that comes to you by default like this:

var ch_queries = new Array(”digital cameras”, “ipod mini”, “sony playstation”, “dell laptop”);

This is the line of code that tells Chitika what ads to serve your site. If you leave it as is it will rotate four types of ads through your pages - ads for ‘digital cameras’, ‘ipod minis’, ’sony playstations’ and ‘dell laptops’. The beauty of eMiniMalls is that while these ads might pay ok per click - they are not likely to be highly relevant ads to the topic of everyone’s site - so you’re able to change them. Simply remove the words between the “and” marks and insert relevant words to your site. If your site is about MP3 players try “MP3 Player”, “ipod mini”, “ipod photo”, “iriver” etc. You can insert as many keywords as you like. This will help to keep your site looking fresh and hopefully stop your regular readers becoming blind to your ads.

You might also like to periodically change the ads you rotate to help with ad blindness. A couple of sites are changing the keywords that they target once per week to keep things fresh.

Targeting One Keyword

If you just want to target ONE keyword do so by:

1. deleting this bit of the code:

var ch_queries = new Array(’phrase1', ‘phrase2', ‘phrase3');
var ch_selected = Math.floor((Math.random() * ch_queries.length));
ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected];

2. replacing it with:

ch_query = ‘ipod mini’;

Targeting Titles as keywords:

Pick keywords that are pretty specific. ie instead of just adding “digital camera” you can add “canon eos 20d” and get ads for a specific digital camera. This is particularly useful on a page about a specific digital camera as it will increase your click through rate quite a bit.

One way of targeting specific words is to target the titles of your pages (if you use titles that include the keywords of your pages that is). How you do this will of course depend upon the system that you use to make your site or blog - but if you’re using Movable Type or WordPress you’ll find that both of these systems have title tags that will trigger the title for a particular post.

For example on a MT blog they line of code targeting keywords would look like:

ch_query = ‘<$MTEntryTitle$>‘;

In WordPress to target the title you’d use this…

ch_query = ‘<?php the_title(); ?>’;

Keep in mind that this will only be effective if you use titles on your site that are pretty specific to products. If you don’t you might want to consider specifying some keywords as you might end up with empty ads or very irrelevant ones.

Other Chitika eMiniMall Code to keep in mind

Disable Search Tab - There are a variety of other pieces of code that you can include in your eMiniMalls code to change the functionality of your ads. These include:

If you want to disable the search tab (and remember if you use the Adsense search function you need to) - simple add the following line of code to the middle of the code that Chitika give you:

ch_nosearch = 1 ;

Make ‘Best Deals’ Tab the default - Some site owners prefer to have the ‘Best Deals’ tab showing first to readers rather than the default one. To do this simple add the following code:

ch_default_tab = ‘Best Deals’;

Rotate Random Ads - If you want completely random ads use the following code. Before you do remember that this will mean you get ads that have no relevancy to your site’s content which is likely to decrease your click through rate and earnings significantly.

ch_non_contextual = 1;
ch_query = “”;

Change Fonts - You can change the font of ads like this:

ch_font_text = “Arial”;
ch_font_text = “Arial Narrow,Verdana”;

Positioning Your Chitika eMiniMalls

One of the most powerful ways to increase your Chitika eMiniMall earnings is to think carefully about where you will position them. A principle of any effective advertising is to make sure the ads are seen by potential viewers. Unfortunately many site owners ignore this basic principle and place ads in positions that go unseen. Here are some good basic tips on Ad Positioning that you might want to consider. They are applicable not only to Chitika’s eMiniMalls but to other systems like Adsense:

Above the Fold - A good general rule to keep in mind is that ads that appear above the fold (or in the top half of your page where readers will see it as soon as a web page loads) perform better than ads that appear below the fold. Studies show that many web users don’t scroll when they hit a new page - so if the ad is unsighted immediately you decrease it’s chance of being seen and therefor clicked.

In or Near Content - Most effective position for most ads is actually inside or very close to the main content of your page. If the middle section of your page is where an article or posts is - the best spot (in terms of conversion ) to put an advertisement is in the middle section. Of course this may compromise your design or clutter your site - depending up the goals of your site you may not wish to do this - however in general the closer you have the eMiniMalls to where your readers eyes will be (content) the more chance they have of seeing and responding to them. A great way to get eMiniMalls inside posts is to use one of the plugins that are appearing for blog platforms

Left Hand Side - On most sites that the top left corder is HOT. It is where readers eyes will naturally wander to when they arrive at your page and as a result ads tend to do well there.

End of Articles - Many bloggers find that the position at the end of a post and above comments is a great conversion place for ads. This is because at the end of a post readers are looking to click something and move onto another page that might interest them. If you have a relevant ad there you increase the chances of a click through.

Multiple Ads - One of the great things about eMiniMalls is that there are no restrictions on how many ad units you can place on a site. Do not place too many on a page - but that you consider at least two and maybe even three depending upon the design and length of your pages.

One strategy that many site owners take up is to place three ads per page in the following way:

Ad 1 - this is a 468 x 60 pixel ad unit that appears at the top of articles (either just above or just below the article title). This ad would be targeted upon the title as it’s keyword
Ad 2 - this ad is often a 468 x 180 pixel ad unit that appears at the bottom of an article - just above comments. Depending upon the length of your average article.
Ad 3 - this ad is often one of the narrow and often small ads (maybe a 160 x 160 or a 120 x 600 depending upon available space) and appears in a side bar. These ads are usually targeting and rotating keywords that are relevant to the overall site’s theme.

Designing your eMiniMalls

In a similar way to how positioning your ads can impact their performance, the design of ads can have a major impact upon the rate that people click on them and blending your ads into the design of your site is good practise. Using other ad systems that ads that blend tend to do better than ads that stand out.

Borders - if you have a site with a white background it is highly recommend that you make the borders of your ads white also. This gets rid of a visual barrier between your ads and your content. This is widely accepted as one of the most powerful strategies for Adsense optimisation and it works well with eMiniMalls also.

Title - the title of an eMiniMall ad is also a live link and therefore it is recommended that you choose a color that is the same as that of the majority of the links on your site. In this way you blend your ad into your page and make it clear that it is indeed a link.

Text - this is the color of the description of the products in the ad. Once again it is recommended tha you choose a color that is similar to other text on your site. Some Adsense ‘experts’ also recommend making text in ads a slightly lighter color than the text on the rest of your site so as to allow the ‘title’ to stand out more. It’s worth experimenting with this and seeing how it looks on your site.

Tracking your Chitika eMinimall Results

As with all potential income streams on your site it is very important that you track your result. This enables you to see what is working and not working and make changes accordingly.

To add channel Reporting you need to add the following line of code to your ad unit code on your site. The ‘xxx’ is where you put a name of your channel.

ch_sid = ‘xxxx’;

Choosing keywords to target

One of the key elements to effective use of Chitika eMiniMalls is getting ads showing on your site that have a high relevancy to your content. If you’re using Adsense you will of course not be using contextual ads so this becomes a challenge. One way of doing this is to use your titles to trigger keywords - however if you’re running multiple ads on a site you won’t want them all to do this as you’ll end up with multiple versions of the same ad. As a result some of your ad units will need to have keywords inserted into them. How do you decide what keywords to target in order to get a good supply of ads but also higher paying ones.

The simplest way to do this is to do some research in some of the advertisers using the minimalls system. For example and have ads that show up in eMiniMalls.

A number of bloggers say that if you search the ‘best selling buys’ in the different categories of these online stores that you will find higher paying ads.

PlugIns and Tools for Chitika eMiniMalls

A number of eMiniMall users have developed tools that can be used by chitika publishers that might be helpful. These include

WordPress Plugin - This plug in allows you to add eMiniMalls to your posts in Word Press
WordPress Plugin - This plug in uses the custom fields features of WP to insert eMiniMalls
WordPress Plug in - This is like the first one but by another developer
Chitika eMiniMalls on Movable Type - MT plugins that can help MT users.

Disclaimer: The Chitika eMini Malls Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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