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Bowling Tips

Bowling an indoor sport also called tenpins, played by rolling a ball down an alley at ten Bowlingpins. Bowling is one of the most popular participatory sports in the United States, where there are thousands of recreational leagues.

Check out these Bowling Tips which will definitely help you improve your Game and Scores.

Last Updated - 13th October 2005

Bowling Tips

Bowling Terminology

Strike: All 10 pins are knocked down on the first delivery. You get 10 points for those pins, plus bonus points equal to the number of pins your next two balls knock down.
Spare: All 10 pins are knocked down with two deliveries. You get 10 points for those pins, plus bonus points equal to the number of pins your next ball knocks down.
Frame: One tenth of a game and also one of the 10 score boxes in which the running total of the game is recorded.
Game: Consists of 10 frames.
Approach: The name given to the area between the bowlers starting position and the foul line.
Foul line: Is the starting line at the beginning of the lane.
Foul: Touching or going beyond the foul line as you deliver the ball.
Average: Total score of your games divided by the number of games you played.
A Double: Two strikes in a row.
A Turkey: Three strikes in a row.
Gutter: The runaway on each side of the lane where balls end up if they leave the lane or miss.

Bowling the Ball

Disclaimer: The Bowling Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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