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Amazonas Omakase Consejos Amazon Omakase Conseils

Amazon's Omakase Tips

Omakase is a phrase used in Japanese Restaurants to let the Chef decide what to serve. It's a bit like saying 'I'll leave it up to you." Amazon has used this Phrase to Name it's Contextual Ads System.

The Amazon Omakase Contextual Ad System is not like the Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network in the sense that it does not compete with them, it can be used along with them.

The Amazon Omakase Ad System is more of a Contextual Ad System that pays its publishers for sales and not for Clicks or Impressions Like the others.

Last Updated - 17th August 2006

Check out these Basics that will definitely help you improve your Earnings through Omakase :

Formatting Your Ads : When you reach Omakase's Link page, you'll be offered a selection of different ways to format your ads. You can -

Lets Look more closely at these Options and decide what is best to increase your revenue through this system -

Amazon Logo - It is best to choose the option to Show the Text Line instead of the Amazon Logo. By doing this you can blend the ads into your content and make the ads more relevant to your site. Avoid the Amazon Log Image..

Product Images - Whether or not you choose to hide the product image depends on where you're going to place the ad unit. If you have a list of links running down the side of a page, such as on a blog for example, then a list of vertical links without images would blend in perfectly. They might not attract the eyes as easily as ads that include images, but they'll look like part of the site and win clicks. On The other hand, if you were running an article about mobile phones, for example, than Omakase ad unit with a picture of a mobile phone would both illustrate the article and attract eyes. It could generate more clicks and more interest. The question you always need to ask when deciding whether or not to include images is - "Does this make the ad unit stand out as an ad, or just stand out?" You should want it to Stand Out..

Product Prices - Show all of the prices and people are going to click to find out why they can get a $25 book for $2.50. You'll make lower commissions on each sale, but you'll make many more sales - certainly enough to make up for the loss of all prices.

Ad Sizes - The Same principle applies to your choice of ad format or "Banner Size" according to Amazon. Forget about 600 * 250. Those big "Buy from" buttons will put users right off. The other sizes though can all be good options depending on where you're planning to put them.

Ad Window - It is a good idea to open a new window. There is no reason for you to give Amazon your user for free. If they aren't going to pay you per click. Your goal should be to keep your visitor at your site as much as possible. If is better if the visitor goes to Amazon, purchases the product, closes the window and comes back to your site and clicks on another ads and generates more revenue for you.

Ad Colors - The Back ground of the ad unit should be the same as the background of your web page. The details text color and the price color should be the same as the color of the font you use on your site. If you headings are one color and the body text another, then you could try matching the details to your headings and the prices to the body font to improve the blending. The Link color should always be blue and the Text color should be as light as possible so that it does not stand out.

Choosing Your Payment Option - Omakase offers two compensation plans : A Classic Plan that pays 4% of the sale price regardless of the number of items the users you refer; and a performance structure that pays between 4% and 8.5%. depending on the number of items the users you refer buy. It is but obvious that You should select the second option...

Disclaimer: The Amazon's Omakase Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats site and/or its partners.

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