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Consejos para la Prevención del SIDA De Prevention Du Sida Conseils

Aids Prevention Tips

What is HIV? HIV stands for Human immunodeficiency Virus. It is the virus that causes Aid Prevention TIpsAIDS. It can only affect human beings by destroying the body’s immune system, or lymphocytes or soldiers of the body, leaving the body vulnerable to all diseases.

Here's what everyone should know to protect themselves and others from infection with the AIDS virus (human immuno-deficiency virus, or HIV) ....

Last Updated - 12th October 2005

If you think you may be infected, or if you have engaged in risky sexual or drug-related behavior:

For people who have received a positive result on the AIDS antibody test:

Disclaimer: The Aids Prevention Tips / Information presented and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Tips And Treats . com and/or its partners.

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