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Consejos de mantenimiento de gemas Gems Maintenance Conseils

Gems And Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Gems MaintenanceThe amount of routine maintenance your jewellery needs depends on the item and how often you wear your jewellery. For example, if you wear your rings all of the time, they may need more cleaning and repair than a necklace that you wear only for special occasions.

Dirt in your jewellery can cause it to wear more quickly. Talk with your jeweller about how to clean your jewellery safely. Most jewellery stores offer polishing and repair services for a nominal fee.

Gems and precious metals are gifts of nature, which need special care.

The harder the gem, the less vulnerable it is to potential damage. A diamond, for example, is the hardest gem known to man, and that's one reason why "it is forever."

Gold in particular, is a soft metal, so with use it gets damaged and requires periodic adjustments. Examples of routine maintenance include periodic cleaning and re-tipping of loose stones, and repair or replacement of a loose clasp.

Last Updated - 28th May 2007

Keeping your jewellery clean and in good condition helps assure many years - and generations - of enjoyment.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts :


Diamond - Mechanical cleaning baths are safe. Baths with Ammoniac or soaps are good. Vodka is to raise the brilliance.

Ruby & Sapphire - Clean with warm water, soap and brush. Mechanical cleaning baths are safe.

Emerald - Clean with warm water, soap and soft brush. Do not use mechanical baths. Avoid chemicals. Every few years overhaul emeralds with special oil.

Aquamarine - Warm soapy water and soft brush is the best cleaning method. Avoid chemicals and exaggerated cleaning.

Amethyst - Use warm soapy water and soft brush. Ultrasonic bath is safe. Avoid contact with oxides.

Opal - Use a soft and dry cloth. No mechanical cleaners use. Avoid dryness, heat and chemicals.

Lapislazuli - Use warm soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth. No ultrasonic bath use. Avoid chemicals.

Pearl - After wearing, pearls have to be abraded with a soft cloth. Can be cleaned in lukewarm soapy water.

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